Q & A?!

HEY GUYS WERE BACK FROM VACATION! yes sandy we are back and we will be doing a new game thing or whatever sandy please explain to them what a Q&A is… OK SERA WELL A Q&A Q is for questions and A is for ITS WERE YOU GUYS ASK US QUESTIONS AND WE TRY OUR BEST TO ANSWER THEM! yes sandy but be warned we will not be answering question like, were do you live?, whats your address hehehehe, sorry guys but no personal questions like those ok? SERA IM PRETTY SURE THEY GET THE IDEA OF NO PERSONAL QUESTIONS SO WE WOULD LIKE TO HAVE NOT TO MANY QUESTIONS BUT ENOUGH FOR OUR HANDS NOT TO GET TIRED OF TYPING. yea sandy for our hands not get tired ( eye roll ) you guys can ask as many questions as you want and we are doing this Q & A because we just started our blog and we want you guys to get to know us better. so see you when we have 1,000 questions to answer. GUYS SERA IS JUST KIDDING NOT 1,000 QUESTIONS. yea hahahaha you should have seen your face sandy when i said…… SERA LETS END THE BLOG PLEASE fine… bye everyone! BYE! OH MY GOSH I FORGOT SERA. what is it? ( whispering) dah!!! i forgot guys we will only be answering questions from this blog not youtube not facebook nothing else like that just the comments on this post ok? OK NOW WE CAN SAY BYE!!!! bye.!